Monthly Archives: September 2012

Last season, my all-girls Fantasy Football league made these little guys during MNF, and they proved to be a ton of fun. We sat with them handily ready during games to try to spot a  penalty before a ref could, call party fouls on each other, or make up our own offenses. It that’s not your thing, they also make decent Super Bowl decorations. Let’s have at it.  Read More

Weekend happenings//

+ Observing the blue moon                                            + Leaving a friendly reminder for the SC game

+ Caroline hosted a poolside girls night on Saturday.

+ I’m a sucker for sugar packet sticks                            + A serious pancake creation at Cici’s

Other notes//

+ Wish I could’ve made it to see John Williams at the Bowl over the weekend. Always my favorite seasonal show.

+ Stephanie launched her anticipated online shop, Last Night. Check it out.

+ Jealous of everyone attending IFB Con this week. Have fun!

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]