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Weekend happenings//

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+ As I shared previously on Instagram, I took a weekend break in the woods that was really well-needed. The ladies from my church all got together for a retreat in Twin Peaks that provided perfect weather and great time for community.

Other notes//

+ Wellen Women’s is coming and heading up a Kickstarter! Pretty sweet perks if you contribute (read: surfboard!).

+ The NFL has decided to take a break on roman numerals for Super Bowl L 50.


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Cassey Ho of Blogilates is easily one of my (and probably yours!) favorite fitness personalities; she seems like the sweetest! Forever 21 Active was lucky enough to partner with her recently for a series of videos featuring our product, as well as getting some of her favorite picks from our Summer season. Check out the video she did with Meredith Foster of Stilababe09 to create your own muscle tank!


Grab the Tie Dye Macrame Sports Bra here!

Weekend happenings//


+ Cheers to weekends now spent in the sun. As the weather gets warmer, it’s a bit more difficult to want to do anything else besides relaxing outside.

Lots of exciting sports happenings this month: World Cup (!), Belmont Stakes, NHL Finals (GKG!), NBA Finals (I’m not even watching), US Open of Golf, and the X Games. I’m going to make an attempt to cover as much as I can, but we’ll see how that goes. Happy June!

Other notes//

+ I couldn’t stop laughing at this epic paper plane toss at a soccer match.

+ Tomas Pages goes for the motocross bike flip…and kind of does it?

[photo via @carolineammann// polaroid by me]