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Weekend happenings//

June3+ I stole a few hours at the beach to escape the triple-digit heat at my house, although I’m pretty happy to be easing back into warmer weather.

+ Celebrated one of my nearest and dearest friends at her bridal shower Saturday evening. As the first one to be getting hitched in our tight-knit group of friends, it was a really special evening.

Other notes//

+ Sports recap: Kings are down 2-0 in the NHL West finals. Rough. Nyjah Huston said girls can’t skateboard, and no one agrees with him. Kuchar won The Memorial, and I’m really behind on Roland Garros.

+ Have a great week! I’m really busy, as usual.

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez, caroline]

Weekend happennings//


+ I have a lot of hours ahead of me to break in these guys: new bridesmaid shoes for an upcoming wedding.

+ The weather here is warming back up to allow for more beach time.

+ Last night’s Mad Men was so good! Stan’s face throughout this scene was killing me.

Other notes//

+ Let’s not talk about the Lakers.

+ The NFL Draft went down over the weekend. Here’s a rundown. My team [the Rams] seemed to have fared alright.

Have a great week!

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]