Weekend happenings//


+ Quick check-in here: Football season is officially here! I’m excited to seem the Rams take a victory yesterday, but not at the cost of my fantasy teams’ success. Can’t win it all. Tonight is the first MNF for my girls league, which is one of my favorite traditions.

My week is packed with projects and catching up on September issues. Cheers!

Weekend happenings//



Happy Monday! It’s a short week for me going into the holiday weekend, so my mind is occupied by a full to-do list. Because of that, I’m challenging myself to have “clean slates” on Mondays and reset. A quick coffee stop at Joan’s on Third yesterday AM provided an unexpected dose of inspiration to simplify and focus on the necessities.


Cheers to a new week.

Weekend happenings//

+ Early Saturday morning at the Los Angeles Flower Market for Mother’s Day bunches.

+ A little inspiration before breakfast at LA Chapter at the Ace.

+ Assembling my floral haul on Sunday morning into a couple of bouquets for my mom on Mother’s Day.

+  Gave the ultimate mother/daughter vinyl a spin yesterday. This was part of my latest finds from Amoeba.

Other notes//

+ Anyone following along the NBA or NHL finals? I kind of check out when my local teams aren’t playing.

+ An overdue NTC Los Angeles re-cap is coming this week [hopefully].


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Weekend happenings//

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset+ Summer is officially in swing, and I decided to kick it off with a little bit of paddleboarding in the marina and a pitstop for Thrifty’s ice cream. I also proudly paraded my newly purchased vintage California flag, which I had been scouring sites and markets for for some time.

Other notes//

+ Anyone participate in International Surfing Day and Go Skateboarding Day on 6/20 & 6/21, respectively?

+ Happenings: The World Cup is still in full force, and Wimbledon is here.

+ If you’re interested: FIFA requirements for uniforms.

Have a good week!

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Weekend happenings//

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+ As I shared previously on Instagram, I took a weekend break in the woods that was really well-needed. The ladies from my church all got together for a retreat in Twin Peaks that provided perfect weather and great time for community.

Other notes//

+ Wellen Women’s is coming and heading up a Kickstarter! Pretty sweet perks if you contribute (read: surfboard!).

+ The NFL has decided to take a break on roman numerals for Super Bowl L 50.


[photos via iPhone]

Weekend happenings//


+ Cheers to weekends now spent in the sun. As the weather gets warmer, it’s a bit more difficult to want to do anything else besides relaxing outside.

Lots of exciting sports happenings this month: World Cup (!), Belmont Stakes, NHL Finals (GKG!), NBA Finals (I’m not even watching), US Open of Golf, and the X Games. I’m going to make an attempt to cover as much as I can, but we’ll see how that goes. Happy June!

Other notes//

+ I couldn’t stop laughing at this epic paper plane toss at a soccer match.

+ Tomas Pages goes for the motocross bike flip…and kind of does it?

[photo via @carolineammann// polaroid by me]

Weekend happenings//

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+ The best season (peony season!) is here, and I’m taking full advantage of it.

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+ A needed post-church pitstop at the Drybar.

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+ For me, family gatherings aren’t complete without games. Spring afternoons are perfect for outdoor bocce rounds.

Other notes//

+ Kings made it to the West Finals! …but are already down 1-0. #GKG

+ My brother introduced me to melodica covers on YouTube, and I am obsessed, like this Jurassic Park one. Speaking of Jurassic Park, this guy brilliantly turned his SUV into a JP car. Rad.

Happy Monday!

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]