Weekend happenings//


+ This past weekend was more or less a #treatyoself type of situation with my hometown of Los Angeles providing a pretty perfect background. Filled with time spent with my best friends and evenings capped with concerts, my heart was incredibly full. Here’s a few snapshots to re-visit.

+ Kicked off Saturday morning a picture perfect breakfast at the Polo Lounge.

IMG_3234 IMG_3241

+ LACMA sits near the top of the list of my favorite local destinations. I finally was able to check out the James Turrell installation, as well as Chris Burden’s latest and final piece. There’s no pictures allowed in the Turrell piece, but it’s hard to not snag a few.

+ Admiring the simple beauty and peace of the The Row flagship off Melrose.

+ Enjoying the terrific pairing of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday evening.

+ Another legend on Sunday night: Robert Plant.


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