Monthly Archives: June 2012

I made a quick visit to the new Topanga Vintage Market in Woodland Hills over the weekend. Here’s a snapshot of some of the sports goods I spotted.

+ Varsity letter with achievement pins.        + Selection of retro skateboards

+ Football board game                                    + 1960 AFL trading cards

+ Croquet set                                                     + Vintage tennis racquets

Weekend happenings//

+ First 5K: lucky number?                                                      + Taking off at the start line

+ Found a new title for the reading list at the Arclight.    + Rachel Comey-inspired boots from Target.

Other notes//

+ My dad, cousin, and I ran our first 5K yesterday. I like running, but I like running fast. Paced races may not be my thing.

+ I visited the new Topanga Vintage Market yesterday. It’s a smaller flea market, but still had some good stuff. Photos to be shared later.

Happy Monday, all!

[Photos via iPhone//Instagram: @stephaniesuarez]