Monthly Archives: September 2012

Weekend happenings//
20120923-222139.jpg+ The arrival of the Endeavour seemed to be most newsworthy event the past few days around here. Despite its seemingly distant appearance through my phone camera, my mom & I were able to view it quite well & close as it flew over Malibu. Full disclosure: I teared up a bit as it passed. Unlike the clips shown on the news of cheering crowds, the Malibu scene was quite somber as the plane emerged from the coastal overcast.

Other notes//

+ Kelly Slater notched an unsurprising win at Trestles.

Babel, the new Mumford and Sons album is so good. Grab yourself a copy tomorrow.

+ Cheers to a new week!

[photo via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]

Weekend happenings//

+ Pepperdine’s beautiful 9/11 memorial along PCH     + Escaping the lingering heat for an afternoon

+ Tedious craft time                                                            + Piling up fringe strips

Other notes//

+ Endured a painful few hours Saturday night watching the SC/Stanford game. That was a rough loss.

+ Had Pink’s new album on rotation all weekend. Gotta take it all in before Mumford and Son’s new album drops next week since that’ll be all I’ll be listening to until Christmas.

+ MNF with The League tonight: Have a wonderful Monday, all!

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]