Hurley threw a few national pieces into the market for World Cup product, which is easy to do when Nike’s your parent. Considering how well-received the Phantom boardshort is, I’m surprised to see that only three countries were offered: Brazil, France, and USA.

More surprising to me is that I’d think the France and USA shorts would be reversed. I know that the term “denim” was coined in France, but “blue jeans” were first invented and manufactured in America [e.g. Levi’s]. If anyone knows who’s responsible for these at Hurley, ask them because I clearly need to know.

[via Radcollector]

Since dropping last week, the new Vans LXVI category has gotten plenty of coverage. My buddy Erik is one of the designers, so I’m super pumped that they’re now available. Just wondering if/when we’ll see some ladies’ colorways.

Available at Vans.

PS//  For those of you who are local, the Rose Bowl Flea is this weekend. See ya there!