Monthly Archives: May 2013

Weekend happenings//


+ The only way to celebrate the return of ‘Arrested Development:’ with a frozen banana.

+ An evening eating and dancing at the annual Greek festival.

+ A very welcome day off was spent poolside with my closest friends.

Other notes//

+ Did you know Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid? More random facts to be found over here.

+ I have a thing for making pinatas, but after seeing Whack Pinateria, I’ve got to really step my game up.

+ I’ll admit to not knowing who a lot of these celebs are, but I couldn’t stop scrolling through the Old Loves tumblr the other day.

Have a great, short week!

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez, friends]


It’s a sad day for my closet as the Quiksilver Women & QSW lines come to an end. Described as being “designed for young women with a coastal mindset and an independent spirit,” I’m disappointed to see it go since I felt it “got me” so well. Since it’s been one of my staple labels since its inception, I’m scooping up styles while I still can. The entire label is now on sale here.



Stephanie of Honey & Silk posted these guys, and they are just too darling to pass up. Unfortunately, they’re almost all sold out; if you’re looking for a “U” or “F”, then you’re in luck! As a substitute offering, designer Markus Lupfer has a beaded version available here. Seems like a very doable DIY, no?

Weekend happenings//


+ My latest purchase that’s sure to get an obscene amount of wear this summer.

+ Caught a showing of ‘The Great Gatsby’ on Friday. For me, it was just about exactly as I thought it might be: an eyeful and earful to take in, but an over all ‘ehh, okay.’ The soundtrack is fantastic, which I’ve had on repeat for a week, but it  kind of distracted me during the film.

+ For Mother’s Day, my family and I headed to the Getty Museum to explore for the afternoon. It’s been extra warm here lately, so the weather was perfect.

+ Have a terrific week!

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]

Weekend happenings//


+ Saturday felt like an all day event as family and friends came together to celebrate my cousins’ birthdays. Perfect weather, a bounce house, and a surprise guest visit by fireman made for a busy and wonderful afternoon.

+ I’m so excited to test run the new Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve been a devoted Surf Spray user for years, so I have big hopes for these products.

Other notes//

+ Wish I could’ve made a stop this year, but Supercross wrapped up this weekend. Congrats to Villopoto on another title!

+ I don’t know what took so long for Swiss-Miss to get in my life, but I’m so glad to have come across it.

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez, kristi marks]