Monthly Archives: May 2012

[Extended] Weekend happenings//

+ Celebrating birthdays is more fun with moon bounces.       + Diddy Riese heaven.

+ Los Angeles National Cemetery.

Other notes//

+ Staples Center filmed all the chaos from last weekend’s stacked games. Check out the madness here.

HUGE thank you to all of my followers on Bloglovin’ for making me the #1 ranked blog in General Sports-that’s amazing!

Hope everyone had a terrific Memorial Day weekend!

[Photos via Instagram: @stephaniesuarez]

Weekend happenings:

+ Making amends to a new pair of shorts.     + Working on a summer wardrobe palette.

+ New reading material. Highly recommend the new BEACHED DAYS.     + Unexpected UV find.

+ Partial solar eclipse action.     + Solar shadows.

Other notes:

+ Los Angeles had a pretty insane sports schedule this weekend, but sadly did not produce the winning results I was hoping for.

+ Dane Reynolds is back on track with Marine Layer Productions. Check out his latest clip here: “Nike Comp Redux

I’m freelancing in Santa Barbara all week and spoiled to be three blocks from the beach. Monday, here we go!

I was pumped to see the Bryan brothers featured in this month’s Vogue with Karlie Kloss. Then my heart stopped a little when I saw they were wearing shorts I designed. That means I can put “Anna Wintour-approved” on my résumé, right?

Check out the rest of the “Country Strong” spread here. Man, I am stoked.