Monthly Archives: May 2012

Weekend happenings:

+ Making amends to a new pair of shorts.     + Working on a summer wardrobe palette.

+ New reading material. Highly recommend the new BEACHED DAYS.     + Unexpected UV find.

+ Partial solar eclipse action.     + Solar shadows.

Other notes:

+ Los Angeles had a pretty insane sports schedule this weekend, but sadly did not produce the winning results I was hoping for.

+ Dane Reynolds is back on track with Marine Layer Productions. Check out his latest clip here: “Nike Comp Redux

I’m freelancing in Santa Barbara all week and spoiled to be three blocks from the beach. Monday, here we go!

I was pumped to see the Bryan brothers featured in this month’s Vogue with Karlie Kloss. Then my heart stopped a little when I saw they were wearing shorts I designed. That means I can put “Anna Wintour-approved” on my résumé, right?

Check out the rest of the “Country Strong” spread here. Man, I am stoked.

I’m trying my best to not overload on the Olympics too early since there’ll be plenty to discuss once July rolls around, but have a glance at Nike’s TurboSpeed track suit, as shown on Allyson Felix and Walter Dix. I’ll spare you the tech details of it as there are many, but if you love that stuff, like me, then read all about it here.