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Weekend happenings//

+ Moonrise Kingdom: 2 thumbs up.

+ Wanted: A fashionably pink cowgirl.                        + Looting the birthday girl’s Brave costumes.

Other notes//

+  A relatively quiet weekend overall with some Euro Cup heartbreaks (c/o the Dutch), an OKC loss, Nyjah winning Street League again, and following a lot of golf. Catch that wacky interview bomb during Webb Simpson’s victory here.

+  My cousin’s 4th birthday party this weekend was inspired by Jessie from Toy Story and was definitely Pinterest-worthy. I hope her parents pin photos soon, so I can share.

+ Been working on my summer playlist lately. This and this are my current faves right now.

+ I feel like I have a pretty full to-do list this week, so cheers to being productive. Have a good week, all!

[Photos from here//iPhone//Instagram: @stephaniesuarez]

Since the throwback photos of women’s ice hockey were well enjoyed, I’ve decided to add a “Vintage Viernes” facet to the Fun Friday posts, which will rotate as time goes on. Since my parents will be enjoying the US Open this weekend in San Francisco, I’ve gathered a few images to ease the envy.

Bonus footy of Jean Harlow on the greens here.

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Weekend happenings//

+ [early] Father’s Day dinner at Malibu Cafe      + Family Rose Bowl Flea Market visit

+ Crafted light displays                                          + Type finds

+ Vintage shoe lasts                                                + Watching .fun at Bonnaroo on YouTube

Other notes//

+ Spent a good portion of Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea. I didn’t make any purchases, but did take some photos of sports-related items that I’ll share later this week.

+ The NFL is taking a high fashion approach to up female viewership. WWD reports here.

+ Anyone catch the Mad Men finale? What do you think?

[Photos from iPhone//Instagram: @stephaniesuarez]

So, here’s my complete bracket for the 2012 Euro Cup. It was a tough one. Like any sports bracket, you have to keep in mind: 1) Which team is fully healthy, 2) who could be a darkhorse, and 3) am I picking practically instead of emotionally? Eventually you just have to make a pick and hold your breath.