ntcheaderThis post definitely should have been published a month ago, but, instead of scrapping, here it is anyway since the work was already done. Nike Women hosted their 2nd annual N+TC event in downtown Los Angeles on April 25, and it was killer, as you’d imagine. Nike doesn’t skimp on detail and quality, and it was “go time” from start to finish. While totally different from last year’s beachside event, it was no less fun or inspiring to work out alongside 2000 like-minded women (and a few men!) and some of Nike’s top athletes.

IMG_2558 The evening was bookended by two major workouts and performances by Nike master trainers. The opening group workout was a little tight with so many people around, but a lot of that was due to it being dark, and that many arrived late, myself included. [The check-in and off-site parking were a bit backed up.]

IMG_3422 IMG_3428Open all weekend long and in between work-outs, the Nike SNKRS shop hosted exclusive pre-releases for attendees to snag , as well as moderated discussions between athletes and sports personalities.

IMG_3424 IMG_3427

Feeling tired or having a little doubt between classes? Inspiration was everywhere!

At the close of the night, all attendees received a bag of full of treats and free class passes, including:

Flywheel, ClassPass, Groov3, Prevail Boxing, Pound

I was able to try out the Prevail and Groov3 classes; both were totally new for me. The boxing course was closer to a bootcamp as opposed to an actual boxing experience. There was a small segment with repeated jabs, but it didn’t give you the same feel. I’m undecided if I’d try a class at Prevail based on that experience. Groov3 on the other hand was incredibly fun and nonstop. As someone without much natural dance ability or rhythm, I felt so comfortable dancing with the group, and the instructors were really great.

img_2685Other freebies included Nike earrings, flash tattoos, a water bottle, run pouch, and natural work out supplements.


If the NTC tour swings by your town, I highly recommend making time to attend. Thanks for a great evening, Nike!

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