Weekend happenings//

+ Historic ground: home of the first Egg McMuffin.     + Blown out boat trailer tire.

+ Sammi, a new friend.                                                       + and Boots, an old one.

+ JUSTIN Winery caves.                                                     + Winery owner’s residence.

Other notes//

+ I spent the weekend in Paso Robles with my family visiting old friends. I never get tired of Lake Nacimiento.

+ Goodbye, Olympics. It’s been swell. Hello, NFL. Glad to have you back.

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]

  1. Sammi is so cute!! Which events did you enjoy watching the most from the Olympics? Did you catch the closing ceremony?

    • Track was definitely my favorite! I love watching sprinters.
      I saw about half of it, I’d say, since I was falling asleep. Stoked about the Spice Girls, though!

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