Weekend happenings//GrandmaGrandpa+ Over the weekend I had to say goodbye to one of my, if not main, inspirations: my grandfather. This week will be spent celebrating the life of the greatest example of what it means to live by faith. My grandpa was a man of unparalleled character, tireless work ethic, and was persistent to do the right thing no matter how unpopular. Being named Perfecto is a lot of pressure, but Grandpa certainly exceeded it.

Other notes//

+ Join Vine yet? Get the app and follow me at @stephaniesuarez. Still looking for inspiration for my first video-so much pressure!

+ Catch SNL this week? Two clips I enjoyed: 1. Kenan as Ray Lewis.  2. YOLO.

+ Winter X flew by this weekend (I’m still catching up a little) , but how about my guy Shaun White?!

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