Weekend happenings//

Whoops, sometimes your very full, full-time job, along with your friend’s wedding planning and a few others things takes you away from the web for a minute. Here’s what the past three weekends have looked like around here:


+ Bestie brunches with my favorite ladies [sans a few] at Cliff’s Edge. Those pancakes were top notch.


+ Kicking off Father’s Day right at Roscoe’s for breakfast.


+ Wedding DIY #1: sewing burlap utensil holders for the reception. They’ll look something like this, I think.

+ Started off a bachelorette weekend with the Color Me Rad 5K. More photos to follow on this.


+ Wedding DIY #2: painting the bride’s burlap TOMS for the big day.

+ Ever binge on a really specific item for a while? No? Well,  I’m on a serious lemonade kick, which is so appropriate for the heat we’re having lately.


+ Spent my Saturday evening at Cinespia to see the film Badlands and celebrate a good friend’s birthday. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend going if you have a Saturday night open.

Other notes//

+ An interesting read on an opinion about not going to art school.

+ This Pinboard is so brilliant: the adventures of an imaginary toddler named Quinoa, as told through children’s fashion photos.

+ The periodic table of Muppets, just because.

+ See Monsters University yet? It is just too cute. Check out the school site Pixar put for it. So clever.

+ Have a great one!

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]

  1. Okay yeah you’ve definitely been busy but it looks like everything has been super fun!

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