Over the weekend, I was able to sneak away to Catalina Island for a little bit and enjoy some beautiful weather. The island is just an hour off the coast of South Los Angeles/Orange County. With about 150 of them wildly roaming the island, my goal was to see a bison up close, which we did! Here’s a quick Vine of our golf cart ride, which we rented for a few hours, and few shots of the island.


+ The Casino building, which was never actually a gambling institution.

+ Oddly enough, the USPS has one of the coolest design details on the island. Their PO Boxes are in their original state from decades ago, complete with hand painted numbers and turn locks. The post office is part of a shopping center, so it’s easy to stumble across.


+ There’s plenty of palm trees and scenic shots in Avalon.



+ Grace takin’ a spin in the driver’s seat for our cruise around the island roads.

+ View of Avalon harbor, which has such gorgeous water by the way.

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]

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