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Weekend happenings//

More like here’s what November looked like. Busy weekdays make for lack of posts, but good weekends make up for it. Sorry for being repetitive if you’ve been following along on Twitter or Instagram.

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+ What a game! I was fortunate enough to take in the SC-Stanford game at the Coliseum, which has became an annually great match up. It was Homecoming, too, so the game was extra exciting.


+ A quick weekend getaway: Some of my closest girlfriends and I make a quick trip to Santa Barbara for a few days to enjoy the sunshine and be just far enough away from home to feel like a vacation. SB is gorgeous year round, and the 75* sunshine in November makes me feel a little spoiled. A couple stops at Pressed Juicery, riding bikes around town, and brunch at the Four Seasons were a perfect way to kick off my birthday week.


+  Hey, Justin Timberlake!


+ My birthday and Thanksgiving often dance around each other, so it ends up being a week of high dessert intake, especially when your friend send you Sprinkles at work. My mom went to town on her Thanksgiving hosting duties and cranked out these beautiful pies, too.


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+ My annual kick-off to Christmas shopping is grabbing a cup of coffee and a honey wheat donut at Bob’s then walking around the Grove, followed by some Melrose shopping. How cute is that extra touch by DVF on their street parking?

+ Birthday brunch at Laurel Hardware. I’ve been on a corn pancake kick, and these hit the spot for me.

+ Obsessed with the new MK+A Allure covers. Obviously.

+ Taking in the Chargers-Bengals game this past Sunday in San Diego with family.

Other notes//

+ Late to the party, but really digging Kaufmann Mercantile. Great spot for Christmas shopping, especially for the dudes in your life.

+ If you’ve seen Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs or are familiar with their storied personal shopper Betty Halbreich, you’ll get a kick out of her Tumblr.

Happy December!

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Weekend[s] happenings//

Well, this is what July looked like. Apparently I’ve taken an involuntary summer vacation from this site. Hold on as I revisit my weekends; it’s going to be a long one.


+ Another pair of TOMs I had to paint, this time for the flower girl.

+ Feeding my recent lemonade kick with Lemonade’s blood orange. So good!

+ Remember bubble gum cigarettes? (Terrible for kids, though.) A friend sent me a pack for a trip down memory lane.

+ I spotted the ever-so-embarassing #STAYD12 billboards in town even after Howard had left.

I took a quick jaunt up to Spokane for a few days to be in a friend’s wedding. Here’s a glimpse:


+ Enjoying a new read for the plane ride up north.

+ Friends help friends avoid the wind from picking up their dresses.


+ Part of the venue scenery at Deer Lake. Incredibly rustic, green, and beautiful.


+ The wedding took place at the home on the left. Here’s a view from the road below it.


+ Bridesmaids relaxing before the big event.                                    + Caroline & me.

+ Friends since elementary school.


+ AGENDA took place in Long Beach last week, so I spent the day wandering through a lot of brands and peaking at what’s to come for Spring/Summer ’14. No sneak peak photos here though.


+ And finally, I wrapped up my last weekend of July with Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, and a few other fans.

Other notes//

+ A Los Angeles map guide to the film Clueless!

+ Here’s an up close look at the handmade process of embellishing a Chanel couture gown.

+ Better Than English: a fun little site with foreign phrases to express yourself when English just won’t do.

+ A peek inside Tamara Mellon’s closet.

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]

Weekend happenings//


+ Sometimes your weekend posts get put up on Thursday after the whole week goes by. Whoops. Things are bizzy around here, but here’s a snippet of my weekend in Sonoma to escape the usual pace of things. Nothing does a body good quite like quality time shared with loved ones.


+ Kicking off Barrel Tasting at Hook and Ladder winery. Non-wine drinkers like me get mugs.

+ The whole gang.

+ Barrels everywhere.

+ Friends since elementary school: Emily, myself, and Paula.

+ Enjoying Windsor Oaks Winery, our final stop. Such a beautiful setting.

+ Celebrating the birthday girl’s 25th!

+ Strolling around Petaluma after brunch. Petaluma has some seriously cool buildings.

+ Visiting the gorgeous Green Music Center and Weill Hall. Looking forward to taking in a show there one day.

Other notes//

+ I cannot tolerate the Harlem Shake videos at all, but JT gets a pass as always.

+ Some designer humor: I need both of these guys.

+ Dunk of the week: DeAndre Jordan kills it.

+ Tyler Wright nabbed the Roxy Pro title this weekend, while Kelly cleaned up at the Quik Pro.

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez & @carolineammann]

Weekend happenings//


+ Another weekend full of family time: game night and more time with the little ones.

+ Iced over roofs, icy cars, & frozen lawns: lots of cold nights and mornings lately.

+ So I tried to avoid this guy as long as possible, but I finally caved. So pleased to have this Free People jacket in my wardrobe.



Other notes//

+ New Battle Commander on the Berrics: Jamie Thomas. So dope.

+ Peep a sneak peak at the Spring adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony collection.

+ Lots of great shots to browse through of your favorite teams: NBA Tumblr.

Have a good one!

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+ NFL players just don’t have the post-game outfits locked down like the NBA. Kaepernick wearing a beanie, oxford shirt, and hooded blazer. Lewis lookin’ like a reverend. [from yesterday.] Pulling for the Patriots in the Super Bowl since the Rams won’t be there for a while. Sad.

Other notes//

+ Everyone have a good week while I’m busy repeating “Suit and Tie” and trying to digest it.

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