Weekend happenings//


+ Sometimes your weekend posts get put up on Thursday after the whole week goes by. Whoops. Things are bizzy around here, but here’s a snippet of my weekend in Sonoma to escape the usual pace of things. Nothing does a body good quite like quality time shared with loved ones.


+ Kicking off Barrel Tasting at Hook and Ladder winery. Non-wine drinkers like me get mugs.

+ The whole gang.

+ Barrels everywhere.

+ Friends since elementary school: Emily, myself, and Paula.

+ Enjoying Windsor Oaks Winery, our final stop. Such a beautiful setting.

+ Celebrating the birthday girl’s 25th!

+ Strolling around Petaluma after brunch. Petaluma has some seriously cool buildings.

+ Visiting the gorgeous Green Music Center and Weill Hall. Looking forward to taking in a show there one day.

Other notes//

+ I cannot tolerate the Harlem Shake videos at all, but JT gets a pass as always.

+ Some designer humor: I need both of these guys.

+ Dunk of the week: DeAndre Jordan kills it.

+ Tyler Wright nabbed the Roxy Pro title this weekend, while Kelly cleaned up at the Quik Pro.

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez & @carolineammann]

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