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Weekend happenings//


+ The only way to celebrate the return of ‘Arrested Development:’ with a frozen banana.

+ An evening eating and dancing at the annual Greek festival.

+ A very welcome day off was spent poolside with my closest friends.

Other notes//

+ Did you know Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid? More random facts to be found over here.

+ I have a thing for making pinatas, but after seeing Whack Pinateria, I’ve got to really step my game up.

+ I’ll admit to not knowing who a lot of these celebs are, but I couldn’t stop scrolling through the Old Loves tumblr the other day.

Have a great, short week!

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez, friends]

[Extended] Weekend happenings//

+ Celebrating birthdays is more fun with moon bounces.       + Diddy Riese heaven.

+ Los Angeles National Cemetery.

Other notes//

+ Staples Center filmed all the chaos from last weekend’s stacked games. Check out the madness here.

HUGE thank you to all of my followers on Bloglovin’ for making me the #1 ranked blog in General Sports-that’s amazing!

Hope everyone had a terrific Memorial Day weekend!

[Photos via Instagram: @stephaniesuarez]