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Weekend happenings//


The weekend was full of family events: celebrating the life of a wonderful grandfather, catching up with out-of-town relatives, playing with the kiddie cousins, and a birthday celebration thrown in.

How’d everyone’s Super Bowl go? The game definitely wasn’t a let down, which is easy when you don’t prefer either team. For the extra stuff, I found the commercials as a whole just good, not great, and the halftime merely okay. Perhaps my expectations were too high…?

Other notes//

+ Finally saw Django Unchained over the weekend. Two things I love about it: 1. it was partly filmed in my hometown of West Hills, & 2. the soundtrack is absolutely killer.

+ Excited for these two upcoming movies: Mood Indigo & Inside Llewyn Davis.

Weekend happenings//



+ Nothing to report here since it was a tight weekend shared with my family, but how indecisive is this weather? First we had this, now it’s rolling through the 70s.

+ How sweet are these Sandlot tees from The Forest Lab?

Other notes//

+ Raf Simons for adidas is headed our way. Doesn’t seem like we’ll be running short on collabs for a while.

+ So, we’re in for a Harbaugh Bro Super Bowl, Hockey’s back, and the Lakers are still ripping my heart. Sounds about right.

[photos via iPhone//SWGNT]