Anyone else picky about beach towels? Most beach towels I run into have cheesy graphics, are of cheap terry material, or are a bit too pricey (ahem). So I took a shot at styling my own, & here’s how it went.


+ Blank beach towel or with limited decoration [I found mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond here.]

+ Clorox bleach pen

+ Pom or tasseled trim of choice

+ Painters or masking tape

+ Stencils [My stencils are available for download below.]


+ Being really detailed-oriented, I pinned different measuring points to make sure all stencils were evenly spaced. With those guidelines, I used painters tape to create a stripe at each end.

+ Lay down stencil evenly & begin to fill in the shape with bleach. Be sure to rub in thoroughly. As it dries, missed spots may appear which you can easily fill back in. To fill in the taped off portion, I used the bristle end of the bleach pen.

+ Once finished stenciling, let towel sit for at least an hour.

+ After the bleach has dried, rinse out the towel with cold water. Let dry again.

+ Pin pom trim in place.

+ To sew on trim, I used a zipper foot since it really helps guide one side of the towel & also because the finished end of my towel is way too thick to use the regular one. I broke a needle immediately. I recommend sewing slowly, too. For aesthetic purposes, I matched the thread to their respective sides to help blend in.

That’s it! Not a science project, but a lot of fun. I’m sure you could make some really great bleach designs free hand, as well.

Download available: Beach Towel Stencils

  1. Sandra said:

    Love the idea! I think I should add pom trim to all of my towels 😀

  2. Love this! Great DIY! And, yes I am SUPER picky about my beach towels! Def. going to try this, this weekend…since I just got a BRAND SPANKIN’ new sewing machine! whoop! =)

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