Weekend happenings//

More like here’s what November looked like. Busy weekdays make for lack of posts, but good weekends make up for it. Sorry for being repetitive if you’ve been following along on Twitter or Instagram.

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+ What a game! I was fortunate enough to take in the SC-Stanford game at the Coliseum, which has became an annually great match up. It was Homecoming, too, so the game was extra exciting.


+ A quick weekend getaway: Some of my closest girlfriends and I make a quick trip to Santa Barbara for a few days to enjoy the sunshine and be just far enough away from home to feel like a vacation. SB is gorgeous year round, and the 75* sunshine in November makes me feel a little spoiled. A couple stops at Pressed Juicery, riding bikes around town, and brunch at the Four Seasons were a perfect way to kick off my birthday week.


+  Hey, Justin Timberlake!


+ My birthday and Thanksgiving often dance around each other, so it ends up being a week of high dessert intake, especially when your friend send you Sprinkles at work. My mom went to town on her Thanksgiving hosting duties and cranked out these beautiful pies, too.


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+ My annual kick-off to Christmas shopping is grabbing a cup of coffee and a honey wheat donut at Bob’s then walking around the Grove, followed by some Melrose shopping. How cute is that extra touch by DVF on their street parking?

+ Birthday brunch at Laurel Hardware. I’ve been on a corn pancake kick, and these hit the spot for me.

+ Obsessed with the new MK+A Allure covers. Obviously.

+ Taking in the Chargers-Bengals game this past Sunday in San Diego with family.

Other notes//

+ Late to the party, but really digging Kaufmann Mercantile. Great spot for Christmas shopping, especially for the dudes in your life.

+ If you’ve seen Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs or are familiar with their storied personal shopper Betty Halbreich, you’ll get a kick out of her Tumblr.

Happy December!

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Weekends’ happenings. It’s been a bit busy here to say the least. Here’s a quick overview.//


+ Taco Tour 2013: My girlfriends and I had been planning this weekend for a while with the idea of a taco tour being an main part of it. We each chose our own stop along the way: Wahoo’s, Tito’s Tacos, Pink Taco, Ricky’s Fish Taco (not shown), and Malo. We had such a blast making our way around town. Hopefully there’ll be a part 2 in our future.


+ We capped off our taco adventure with the John Mayer concert at the Bowl. I’m so glad his voice is back again; he sounded great!


+ Celebratory birthday brunch for Caroline at Malibu Cafe.

IMG_3121+ Enjoyed an absolutely amazing Avett Brothers concert at the Shrine. They are so fantastic live! I could watch them over and over again.


A quick 48-hour jaunt to Georgia took me and my family to see on of my oldest friends get married:

+ 6:00AM flights sure offer a gorgeous view despite being totally beat.

+ When in Atlanta, keep it local and grab a Coke.

+ Sending off the happy couple.

+ First time visit to Waffle House, which hasn’t made it’s way to CA yet.

Other notes//

+ Hope to catch up soon with some new stuff. Enjoy your day!

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Over the weekend, I was able to sneak away to Catalina Island for a little bit and enjoy some beautiful weather. The island is just an hour off the coast of South Los Angeles/Orange County. With about 150 of them wildly roaming the island, my goal was to see a bison up close, which we did! Here’s a quick Vine of our golf cart ride, which we rented for a few hours, and few shots of the island.


+ The Casino building, which was never actually a gambling institution.

+ Oddly enough, the USPS has one of the coolest design details on the island. Their PO Boxes are in their original state from decades ago, complete with hand painted numbers and turn locks. The post office is part of a shopping center, so it’s easy to stumble across.


+ There’s plenty of palm trees and scenic shots in Avalon.



+ Grace takin’ a spin in the driver’s seat for our cruise around the island roads.

+ View of Avalon harbor, which has such gorgeous water by the way.

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Weekend happenings//


+ Celebrating yet another friend’s upcoming marriage.

+ Sunday best: In-N-Out burger lunch date with Dad.

Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 7.52.14 PM

+ First of two Fantasy Football drafts occurred Sunday evening with AP going as my first pick.

Other notes//

+ James Thurber was one of my favorite author’s in junior and senior high, so I’m excited to see “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” being adapted to the big screen.

+ Movies in Color: pairing films with their corresponding palettes.

+ Has August gone by crazy fast for anyone else? Just me? Oy, so darn fast.

+ PS// I have a couple of small giveaways coming up. Just trying to find time to sit down and do them!

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Weekend happenings//


+ X Games had its final curtain call here in Los Angeles. It didn’t really go out with the bang that I had hoped it would, but it was almost fitting since it reflected the touchy state of action sports [in my opinion]. I’ve taken for granted the past 10 years of X in my backyard, so here’s to hoping that the train keeps chugging along and that Austin takes real good care of it. You’re always welcome back, X Games.

+ Message in the sky: if you squint really hard, you can make out the phrase “Don’t Do It” on the plane banner. A not so subtle message to The Swoosh.


+ Our view from the skate street deck.



+ Football’s back! Kind of…pre-season and all that stuff.

+ Sunday brunch with the girls at Public Kitchen. I’d give it a B.

Other notes//

+ Have a terrific week!

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Weekend[s] happenings//

Well, this is what July looked like. Apparently I’ve taken an involuntary summer vacation from this site. Hold on as I revisit my weekends; it’s going to be a long one.


+ Another pair of TOMs I had to paint, this time for the flower girl.

+ Feeding my recent lemonade kick with Lemonade’s blood orange. So good!

+ Remember bubble gum cigarettes? (Terrible for kids, though.) A friend sent me a pack for a trip down memory lane.

+ I spotted the ever-so-embarassing #STAYD12 billboards in town even after Howard had left.

I took a quick jaunt up to Spokane for a few days to be in a friend’s wedding. Here’s a glimpse:


+ Enjoying a new read for the plane ride up north.

+ Friends help friends avoid the wind from picking up their dresses.


+ Part of the venue scenery at Deer Lake. Incredibly rustic, green, and beautiful.


+ The wedding took place at the home on the left. Here’s a view from the road below it.


+ Bridesmaids relaxing before the big event.                                    + Caroline & me.

+ Friends since elementary school.


+ AGENDA took place in Long Beach last week, so I spent the day wandering through a lot of brands and peaking at what’s to come for Spring/Summer ’14. No sneak peak photos here though.


+ And finally, I wrapped up my last weekend of July with Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, and a few other fans.

Other notes//

+ A Los Angeles map guide to the film Clueless!

+ Here’s an up close look at the handmade process of embellishing a Chanel couture gown.

+ Better Than English: a fun little site with foreign phrases to express yourself when English just won’t do.

+ A peek inside Tamara Mellon’s closet.

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Weekend happenings//

Whoops, sometimes your very full, full-time job, along with your friend’s wedding planning and a few others things takes you away from the web for a minute. Here’s what the past three weekends have looked like around here:


+ Bestie brunches with my favorite ladies [sans a few] at Cliff’s Edge. Those pancakes were top notch.


+ Kicking off Father’s Day right at Roscoe’s for breakfast.


+ Wedding DIY #1: sewing burlap utensil holders for the reception. They’ll look something like this, I think.

+ Started off a bachelorette weekend with the Color Me Rad 5K. More photos to follow on this.


+ Wedding DIY #2: painting the bride’s burlap TOMS for the big day.

+ Ever binge on a really specific item for a while? No? Well,  I’m on a serious lemonade kick, which is so appropriate for the heat we’re having lately.


+ Spent my Saturday evening at Cinespia to see the film Badlands and celebrate a good friend’s birthday. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend going if you have a Saturday night open.

Other notes//

+ An interesting read on an opinion about not going to art school.

+ This Pinboard is so brilliant: the adventures of an imaginary toddler named Quinoa, as told through children’s fashion photos.

+ The periodic table of Muppets, just because.

+ See Monsters University yet? It is just too cute. Check out the school site Pixar put for it. So clever.

+ Have a great one!

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Weekend happenings//


+ Celebrating my friend’s birthday at Messhall.

+ One of those weekends working at home. Then you stay so busy working during the week you don’t have time to post…f_08-06-Mahut-Llodra07

+ Lookin’ good Bryan bros – 2013 French Open doubles champs! Woohoo! It really bothers me though that their logos aren’t matching on their shirts. I can’t tell who’s on the right (Mike?), but his isn’t an “athlete” shirt since it’s not a filled in logo. Also, their hats and sweatbands are breaking ATP rules, which states that any verbiage, including logo names, aren’t allowed to be worn during professional matches. Just felt like sharing those random tid bits.

Other notes//

+ If you like things neatly organized, look no further than here: Things Organized Neatly.

+ I fell into the black hole of YouTube and came across this sweet spoken work exchange.

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Weekend happenings//

June3+ I stole a few hours at the beach to escape the triple-digit heat at my house, although I’m pretty happy to be easing back into warmer weather.

+ Celebrated one of my nearest and dearest friends at her bridal shower Saturday evening. As the first one to be getting hitched in our tight-knit group of friends, it was a really special evening.

Other notes//

+ Sports recap: Kings are down 2-0 in the NHL West finals. Rough. Nyjah Huston said girls can’t skateboard, and no one agrees with him. Kuchar won The Memorial, and I’m really behind on Roland Garros.

+ Have a great week! I’m really busy, as usual.

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Weekend happenings//


+ The only way to celebrate the return of ‘Arrested Development:’ with a frozen banana.

+ An evening eating and dancing at the annual Greek festival.

+ A very welcome day off was spent poolside with my closest friends.

Other notes//

+ Did you know Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid? More random facts to be found over here.

+ I have a thing for making pinatas, but after seeing Whack Pinateria, I’ve got to really step my game up.

+ I’ll admit to not knowing who a lot of these celebs are, but I couldn’t stop scrolling through the Old Loves tumblr the other day.

Have a great, short week!

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