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Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! The Rose Bowl and Tournament of Roses Parade are one of my favorite NY traditions, particularly because they’re local, my love of football, and I used to decorate floats for a number of years. The Junior Rose Bowl is a thing of history now, but Miss JRB sure looks adorable.

A very big thank you to everyone who’s commented, liked, followed, or quietly read this site during the year. I immensely appreciate it. Cheers to 2013!


This month’s Rose Bowl Flea finds:

Row 1// Oversize MLB posters// Baseball board game

Row 2// Vintage UCLA cap for a small fan// “Nike” rings, anyone?

Row 3// Vintage ice skates & strap-on skates// A serious archery set. Those arrows were no joke.

Row 4// The ultimate OJ Simpson fan collection// LA Rams signage

Weekend happenings//

+ Stocking up.                                                        + Family cookie painting.

+ Celebrating Independence with s’mores.     + Getty architecture.

+ Purging old magazines.                                    + A morning message.

Other notes//

+ I made an afternoon trip to the Getty Museum to see a few of the latest exhibits and for general inspiration. Some of those images will be shared later in the week.

+ At one point, I owned nearly every single issue of Teen Vogue. I’m still in the process of recycling them (going through 2005-2006 issues currently), and it’s such a kick to see how much has changed in less than a decade.

+ Visited the Rose Bowl Flea, again, yesterday. Darn hot out there!

+ Anyone watch Wimbledon? Stoked with the singles’ outcome.

[Photos via iPhone//Instagram: @stephaniesuarez]

Weekend happenings//

+ [early] Father’s Day dinner at Malibu Cafe      + Family Rose Bowl Flea Market visit

+ Crafted light displays                                          + Type finds

+ Vintage shoe lasts                                                + Watching .fun at Bonnaroo on YouTube

Other notes//

+ Spent a good portion of Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea. I didn’t make any purchases, but did take some photos of sports-related items that I’ll share later this week.

+ The NFL is taking a high fashion approach to up female viewership. WWD reports here.

+ Anyone catch the Mad Men finale? What do you think?

[Photos from iPhone//Instagram: @stephaniesuarez]