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Every Thanksgiving I miss John Madden and his turducken a little more. Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

“We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.” – Harry Ironside

Weekend happenings//

+ New metallic pencils for note sending & Christmas tags.

+ A Ninjago-themed birthday celebration.

+ Local pride from Intelligentsia. [similar here.]

Other notes//

+ This gorgeous mid-century modern estate in CT recently got a facelift. Stunning.

+ This happened. Then this. And this. Now this. Football did not love me back this weekend.

+ Wishing everyone a safe and very fun Thanksgiving week whether you’re working or traveling to see loved ones.

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]

Boston College wore these a kits a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it was appropriate to share today. Plus, the uniform’s for a good cause as they’re partnered up with the Wounded Warriors Project, which is always worth highlighting. The cleats are pretty dope in a Captain America way; almost as cool as my USA flag running shoes that my friend Caroline captured me in.

Shoes: K-Swiss K-Ona [no longer available]. Men’s version here.

Weekend happenings//

+ Pepperdine’s beautiful 9/11 memorial along PCH     + Escaping the lingering heat for an afternoon

+ Tedious craft time                                                            + Piling up fringe strips

Other notes//

+ Endured a painful few hours Saturday night watching the SC/Stanford game. That was a rough loss.

+ Had Pink’s new album on rotation all weekend. Gotta take it all in before Mumford and Son’s new album drops next week since that’ll be all I’ll be listening to until Christmas.

+ MNF with The League tonight: Have a wonderful Monday, all!

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]

Weekend happenings//

+ Huge congrats to Bob and Mike Bryan for a record major win!

+ Realizing my preferred frozen yogurt order (right) is more candy topped with yogurt than the other way around.

+ I’m at war with this spider and his friend who are patrolling outside my house making huge webs on my car.

Other notes//

+ I wasn’t up for photos this weekend, but it included a lot of football viewing as that’ll be what the rest of the year will look like. Go SC!

+ I’m not ready for the NBA to return just yet, but the new Lakers commercial sure has me fired up for our new lineup.

+ Today is the first MNF of the season, which I could not be more excited about. Unfortunately, Marc Jacobs is showing during the first game, so I’ll have catch up during halftime.

[photos via iPhone//Instagram @stephaniesuarez]