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I enjoyed a brief stay recently at the Madonna Inn while driving back home down the coast from Sonoma. Known for being ornately and colorfully decorated, there’s no area of the hotel that doesn’t feel special, including the tennis and basketball court.

With its striking pink and blue combo, here’s a few shots of the courts, perfect for inspiration boards. Already looking forward to returning soon!




Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 8.04.05 AM

With the French Open winding down, my attention’s been sucked back into tennis lately, so it was appropriate to stumble upon Danielle Clough’s work this week. Clough’s embroidery work stems across a number of items, not just tennis rackets, but what a clever application! While this could even make for some neat DIY inspiration, I’d rather leave it to a pro and enjoy her craftsmanship. I couldn’t stop scrolling, so here’s a number of her other rackets to enjoy. Read More


The Australian Open is in full swing and evidently this year’s dress code is yellow. Most of the color is courtesy of adidas, but I always enjoy observing seasonal palettes in individual sports, as opposed to just fashion in general. In addition to the sunny hues, purple showed up nicely on the ladies’ side. Also, despite the Aussie having a blue hard court, someone always seems to show up matching the arena. You’d think that brands and designers* would avoid it for that major, but it happens. Check out the guys after the jump. Read More

I was pumped to see the Bryan brothers featured in this month’s Vogue with Karlie Kloss. Then my heart stopped a little when I saw they were wearing shorts I designed. That means I can put “Anna Wintour-approved” on my résumé, right?

Check out the rest of the “Country Strong” spread here. Man, I am stoked.