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IMG_0705 copyI had been needing to update my footwear options lately ever since I noticed that my choices are either warm-weather sandals or something of a heeled variety; there really wasn’t an everyday middle. Enter the Vans Sk8 Hi: an easy, year-round classic that also brings a mid to my wardrobe, a first for me. Initially, I was a little self-conscious of looking like a high-schooler in them, but I think that speaks to Vans’ unique ability to create and maintain a youthful identity over the years, which is kinda what the ‘Neverland’ mentality of skateboarding is all about.


The lovely Rodarte ladies have teamed up with Vans to promote the Vans Custom Culture Contest. Kate, Laura, and Vans are encouraging high schoolers to submit designs of their own decorated kicks to earn a cash prize for their own school’s art program as well as have the design produced. Pretty sweet. What’s also pretty sweet are the pair Kate and Laura designed and signed. Sadly for us, those aren’t going to be available. New DIY inspiration?

Enter here.


Vans is known for their custom culture, so it’s fitting for them partner with RIT Dye for a DIY boardshort package. By the look on Dane Gudauskas’ face, he seems like a satisfied customer. Or very manic.

If only there were a women’s version.

Available here.